World Traveler: Undiscovered Africa

Have you always dreamed of taking an African safari? Community contributor, Izzy Smith, has shared the inside info about where to go to see the true wilderness of Africa.


Complete Wilderness Safari in Meru

Kenya has become a very attractive travel destination for people who want to see some major wild life. All though you may not want to go to the most visited national parks in Africa like Tsavo, Masai Mara or Roft Valley. One of the not yet discovered by tourists national parks is Meru which lies 350 miles north of Nairobi. Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and if you stay there it will only be one day’s trip to Meru. One lodge that is rather newly opened is Murera Springs Eco Lodge which is managed by Swedish Svante Naess and JK Safaris and is totally organic with solar powered energy and is built in ecological manners. It is located a couple of miles from the main road in the middle of the bush. People living close to Meru are poor and the life is rather simple with their khat cultivations. Meru is rather newly renovated and most of the people living here are working at the lodge, hoping that one day Meru will bring lots of tourists that will reef the village.


Meru’s top attraction is probably the solitary nature; the animal life hasn’t really risen from the big poaching years during the 80’s. The famous story about the lion Elsa who had been raised by humans and released again into the wild have been base for lots of stories and the bestseller “Born Free” by Joy Adamson. Elsa’s keeper and Joy’s husband George Adamson was shot to death by poachers in Kora, the park next to Meru. The poaching decimated the livestock and it has taken several years to make it stand up again. Now the guard watch has increased and animals have started to be put back into the park. Because of this, other parks may have a richer animal population but Meru offers something that other may not, complete wilderness. In other parks you will not be alone to see a giraffe or a lion; you may have to share the experience with several other flashing cameras. Since the tourism hasn’t started blooming in Meru yet, you will probably be the only car in the park except for maybe three or four others.

In Meru you can find several different species, gazelles, more than four hundred different bird species, leopards, elephants, giraffes, rhinos – both black and white -, buffalos and of course lions among others. What you will get astonished about is that you will really get to feel the desolation of being here all by yourself. It is a rather scary thought that without the Jeep you wouldn’t be alive for more than a couple of hours.

So to be a part of what you may only have seen on Viasat Nature or WildLife you are now in the middle of. It is a majestic feeling. And living at the lodge will give you an even bigger kick, after the adventure in the safari you can look forward to a nice bed and maybe a dip in the pool, a nice glass of wine and dinner.

Some good places around Meru is Elsas Kopje, a bit more exclusive and expensive choice inside the park, Rhino River Park; a bit more campy but also rather luxurious, and Murera Springs, the eco lodge. The atmosphere in this area is friendly and very romantic and will give you a glimpse of the magnificent wild life planet earth holds.

 Author Bio:

Izzy Smith is a working mom, writer and adventurer, loves to travel, smile and enjoy every minute of her life :)

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